Insurance Bad Faith Litigation and Coverage Disputes

At Poli, Moon, & Zane, our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of bad faith cases on behalf of our clients. We work hard for our clients because we understand the frustration you can feel when you suspect that an insurer has deliberately misinterpreted and misapplied the terms of a policy. In addition, we've seen many of our clients deal with unlawful demands or potentially abusive tactics in an attempt to delay resolutions or avoid payouts that are owed under the terms of a policy. It's important to know that you do have options if you're facing an issue with getting a claim paid.

Was your insurance claim wrongly denied?

Every case regarding bad faith and coverage disputes is different. However, there are some signs that you may be dealing with a policy breach. Here's a look at some actions that could place an insurer in breach of your contract:

  •  Not conducting a thorough investigation regarding a claim.
  • Creating unreasonable delays in claim resolution.
  • Requiring excessive or arbitrary proof of loss regarding a claim.
  • Using intimidation or abusive tactics.
  • Requiring an unnecessary contribution from an insured party.

Don't wait to get help

It's important to seek a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid running out of time to pursue what is owed to you if you're dealing with a coverage dispute. One of the first things our law team will do when we meet with you is to determine whether the specifics of your situation create a viable claim for bad faith. Next, we'll help you determine the next step for moving forward. We find that many insurers take the opportunity to do the right thing once a policyholder takes action. 

Getting you the money you deserve

The attorneys at Poli, Moon, & Zane have successfully handled hundreds of bad faith cases. We currently handle cases regarding insurance bad faith litigation and coverage disputes in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Washington. Please reach out to our law firm today to schedule your consultation! Begin a chat now if you have questions for our attorneys.