I have worked as a consultant, an expert witness, and as co-counsel with Mike in a number of significant cases.  In each case, Mike, his associates, and his staff have been fair to their clients, ethical, tenacious, thorough, and very competent.  The Honorable Stanley Feldman, Retired Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court

I had a very significant fire on a restaurant/bar property that I owned. First the insurance company tried everything they could think of to try and prove that the fire had been set by the insured. After 2 months with no luck on that issue they made a token payment to me and had zero intentions of paying me another dime without telling me. They refused to negotiate at all but pretended too. It took hiring an insurance appraiser that agreed with me and thus 17 months later they had to pay up. By that time I had lost my tenant and 17 months of rent with many months to go. I decided I needed to sue the insurance company because of their bad faith in the handling my claim that had cost me a lot of money and time.

I then hired Mike Poli who came to my attention as highly recommended. From the moment I met Mike I knew he was the attorney for me. Mike had extension background with insurers and bad faith claims was his specialty. Mike is very knowledgeable with the law as it related to bad faith claims. Mike also a no nonsense attorney. Mike is willing to put any attorney that is out of line right in his place. Mike and his team did an outstanding job and was able to get them to settle with me with a figure that was very acceptable to me. - Ross Wait